Impressions of my first 4 hours in Gibraltar

This is my first visit ever to Gibraltar. It’s one of these places that you kind of want to see, but it’s just too far out for its own visit. However, since I am visiting the south of Spain I thought, let’s just do it. Visit Gibraltar!

There is a rock and a tiny airport. The airport landing strip crosses the main road or is it vice versa?

Jamón. A friend of mine recently went to Spain and all I ever heard about was jamón and croquettes. I found jamón. After all, Spain is only a walk across the airport away.

A lot looks British. Duh! Government buildings, mail boxes, litter boxes. There even is a photo of the Queen on display in one of the government buildings.

I saw the Governor of Gibraltar. Yep, that’s how I roll… and the governor’s cars: a Jaguar (again, duh!) and a Tesla (wait… what?).

Found some cool art created by Ben Eine, a prolific street artist from London. Now I have to find his art in Los Angeles.

Then there is Irish Town, which really is just a street. Also 95 % of the population of which it was named after was in fact Welsh. Oops.

Tomorrow I’ll check out The Rock!

Stay tuned.

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