Simi Dabah Sculpture Garden in Joshua Tree

I always love discovering new places, especially in my beloved desert. A few weeks ago I participated in a photography workshop in Joshua Tree National Park. As part of the workshop we detoured to a sculpture garden near Joshua Tree to play with different colors, black and white, lines and forms, structures, and perspectives. This is one of my favorite photos that I took: It may not look like much to you. But I love it.  I took the photo in color, but didn’t like the way it came out. It was bland. After I switched to black and white, I was amazed at how the sculptures in the background disappeared into lines and the sculpture in the foreground frames everything. Simi Dabah Sculpture Garden If you like urban art, the desert, or just playing around with your camera, head over to Simi Dabah Sculpture Garden in Joshua Tree. Simi Dabah is a self taught artist and welder and creates sculptures out of steel. There are about 600 sculptures in Simi Dabah’s sculpture garden in Joshua Tree. He also has a studio in Los Angeles. Perspectives As I played with different perspectives in the sculpture garden, I really got to … Continue reading Simi Dabah Sculpture Garden in Joshua Tree