Best Black Friday and Cyber Week Deals For Hikers 2020

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are starting early this year. I found a few that I wanted to share with you all. I’ll keep updating this page over the next few days with more deals I may find.

Skip this post if you aren’t interested in deals and come back for my hiking adventures next week.

MyMedic Black Friday Deals

I discovered MyMedic earlier this year when I was trying to get pandemic kits, disposable masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and I stocked up on pandemic kits. Then I realized that I didn’t have actually have a first aid kit for my hikes, so I finally got one of the 10 hiking essentials.

MyMedic Black Friday Sale! 30% OFF SITEWIDE!!

Backcountry Deals

I like that I can get deals at backcountry.com on all major outdoor brands. If I don’t need advice and know what I am looking for, I go here for the best price.

Salomon Deals

Salomon is a brand that holds fond memories for me. My rollerblades are from Salomon, lots of great memories rollerblading in Hyde Park in London back in the days. My skiing adventures were also dominated by Salomon skis and skiing pants. Great memories.

Osprey Deals

My hiking day pack is an Osprey backpack. I love it. It’s light and not too bulky, My travel backpack is also from Osprey and I love the different compartments where I can organize my stuff while traveling.

I’ll keep looking for more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals specifically for hikers and update this page over the next few days.

Happy deal shopping!

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