Get Involved with Civic Action

Getting involved in Civic Action feels overwhelming to many people. We will show you some ways to get involved that will break it down into easy steps.

Writing to elected officials or decision makers

There are several organizations that do the work of identifying what is in the legislative pipeline and needs support or what environmental causes should be addressed. You can do your own research, but to make it easy, we suggest  that you check out these organizations:

Sierra Club – “The Sierra Club is the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. We amplify the power of our millions of members and supporters to defend everyone’s right to a healthy world.”

Climate Action Now – “Climate Action Now is an app and a company whose mission is to give anyone with a phone, anywhere in the world, the ability to take meaningful climate action on their phones in seconds. We seek to give everyone the means to hasten a just transition to a sustainable future. For most of us, that means using our voices to advocate for bold and rapid climate action.”

Climate Reality Project – “We believe real change comes from the ground up. We know that a small-but-committed critical mass of activists can not only transform society, but change the world. That’s why we recruit, train, and mobilize people to become powerful activists, providing the skills, campaigns, and resources to push for aggressive climate action and high-level policies that accelerate a just transition to clean energy.”

Voting for legislation or candidates

It is very cumbersome to find out your local politician’s view on climate change. If we want to affect real change, we need to elect politicians who are willing to fight for measures that protect our planet. We will be looking for more sources to help us better understand , one we found is Vote Climate U.S. PAC, whose mission it is to “to elect candidates to eliminate all human-made, greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes”. Here are their best to worst politicians’ scores on climate action:

Speaking or presenting at town meetings

Get involved in your local community and speak up at town or city meetings.

Meeting with elected officials

Meet with your elected official and ask them about where they stand on climate change and what they plan to do to fight climate change.

Enjoy our nature & help protect it.