Get Involved

It’s overwhelming thinking about climate change and the impact it will have on our future lives. Many of us will see the changes to our environment first-hand (if we believe it now or not). There are many small and big steps everyone of us can take to become more climate resilient and shape our future. 

Here are some small steps each of us can take in our daily lives:

  • conserve water
  • conserve energy
  • eat more plant-based foods
  • compost
  • stop using single-use plastic
  • recycle
  • shop local

When enjoying the outdoors, always follow the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace. Use refillable water bottles and pack your lunch in reusable containers to eliminate waste.
Volunteer within your local community as a restoration or conservation volunteer. Look up your local parks and preserves. Most will have a website and Facebook and Instagram pages where they will post about volunteer days where you can get involved in nature restoration hands-on. Literally.And don’t forget to share what you learn with your friends and family. 
Get involved in civic action. Write to your local representatives to demand action on climate change and vote for politicians who make climate change a priority.
Enjoy our nature & help protect it.