Secret Stairs of L.A. – Berendo Stairs to Griffith Park

Los Angeles is full of secret and hidden staircases. My first secret staircase adventure took me from the  Berendo Staircase to Griffith Park.

Berendo Staircase dates back to 1924 – the same year the Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House (2607 Glendower Ave) was built in the same Los Feliz neighborhood.

A short architectural detour: The design of Ennis House is based on Mayan temples and features patterned concrete blocks. Well worth checking out while in the neighborhood.

Walking the Berendo Stairs

berendo stairs beginning

Back to Berendo Stairs. To get to Griffith Park, you’ll take 3 sets of staircases and ascend 557 feet.

The first staircase starts at the intersection of Berendo Street and Cromwell Avenue and will take you to Bonvue Avenue. There you’ll turn right into Bonvue Avenue. After a few feet you’ll see a set of stairs on your left. Don’t take this staircase. Walk up to the second staircase on your left and walk up to Bryn Mawr Road. Once on top of this staircase more or less across the street (slight right), you’ll see the third set of stairs which will take you to Glendower Avenue.

tiled staircase - berendo stairs

Turn right into Glendower Ave until the road splits. Turn left into Glendower Road. The signs say no access to Griffith Park, but that means there is no vehicular access. There is access for hikers.

As you’ll walk towards Griffith Park, turn left and walk through the gate. Voilà, you are in Griffith Park.

From here walk up to the Griffith Observatory and continue on hiking in Griffith Park.

Enjoying the views

As you walk up the stairs, don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the views over the Los Feliz neighborhood and the Los Angeles skyline. I don’t know, maybe it’s even better to take these stairs down – just for the views

Arriving in Griffith Park

Walking up the stairs is less than a mile.

So don’t forget to check out the Griffith Observatory.

And then take a well-deserved rest in Griffith Park overlooking the Hollywood sign.

I enjoyed this walk a lot. It’s such a pleasure to walk through neighborhoods I usually don’t see and then end up in one of the best urban green spaces in the world.

Do you have a favorite secret staircase or urban walk that you can recommend?

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  1. There are some pretty amazing and hidden hiking places out there all around the park. And the Observatory and surrounding area is awesome. I love going inside and then getting to see in the telescope. And they have so many different things there including the cool Tesla coil.

  2. What a lovely compilation of pictures you have. giving me such positive vibes. Adding it to my bucket list this year 🙂

  3. I visit L.A at least once a month and did not know about these stairs. I am now on a mission to find them. They will make for the perfect photo op and Insta pic. I can’t wait to go back now! thanks for sharing this little secret 🙂 xx

  4. California is just bursting with gorgeous walks, and this is no exception. Love that it finishes off with a view of the famous hollywood sign. I’d never even heard of the Ennis house until today, though, so you’ve taught me something new!

  5. The Berendo stairs reminds me of Madeira, where my family is from,as it too has secret stairs and passageways where you can have beautiful unrivaled views of the island, and the colour scheme is the same too. But Griffith is beautiful, I can imagine it being a park that can inspire you to write a novel!

  6. And to think I had no idea about these stairs… I guess that’s why they are secret ? Such an artsy and unique post, I love it! And now I want to hunt down some stairs!