Goodbye 2017 with two beautiful hikes

The last 2 mornings were just amazing here in Palm Springs. Not that I want to talk about the weather much, but with the scorching heat throughout the summer and fall, the slightly cooler temperatures over the past 2 days were fabulous. So I took the opportunity for a couple of short and beautiful hikes.

Whitewater Preserve

It took me a while to get here. Whitewater Preserve has been on my hiking list from the beginning of the year, but only yesterday did I manage to get out there. And it was marvelous. Whitewater Preserve is one of the few areas in the Coachella Valley that has access to water. What was most fascinating was the fall foliage, but see for yourself.


Cottonwood Springs in Joshua Tree National Park

I did this 2.5-mile hike just last month, but loved it so much that I wanted to go back one more time this year. That and my National Park annual pass expires today, so might as well use it one more time.

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