My first day as a Race Director

Race Director
That sounds pretty serious!
But I guess that’s who I am now. Today marks the first day of my virtual race that lasts throughout all of April. Registered participants run either 5k, 10k, or 26.2k at some point during this month and post their achievements on our private Facebook page or on the Google+ community page. And this will earn them a beautiful medal.

This is such an exciting event for me!
I always wanted to try something slightly different for my fundraising but also as an experience. Setting up the race I had lots of friends to lean on and help me getting started: from designing a medal to finding a provider to create the medal to having runners join the virtual race – none of this would have happened without my friends! Love you all!!

Today is the day we started. One of the participants, Shana, already completed her run. She is pretty awesome! I am looking forward seeing everybody’s progress throughout this month and helping everyone with some motivational pep talk when needed (often that will be addressed to myself even – like today).

Right now I am so happy and thankful to the people who signed up. The race is already half full! (if you haven’t signed up yet, but want to, just sign up here!)
A big Thank You to my friends who helped me set this up and also to all participants who have joined and who will be joining!

Happy running!!

This is me with my bib. 

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