What a week…

Or I should really say, “what a last few weeks”. Somehow that just doesn’t sound quite as elegant. LOL.
Work has been keeping me chained to my ‘other’ laptop, the work laptop. Not this beauty here (oh my, I forgot you can’t see it – it’s pink. I know you guessed.).

I took a couple of weeks off running in May, but have been fully back on in June.

First of all, there is the amazing Midsummer Sun Kilomathon, which I am hosting and it has gotten off to a great start! That’s 18.6 miles and as of today I stand at (or better: ran so far) 18.3 miles. So close! I love seeing everyone’s progress. It’s exciting!

Second, our Team in Training fall season has started and we have a large team with some awesome runners. We are past all our “firsts”, first Saturday training, first track training and are slowly getting into a routine. My plan is to change my intervals up this season to a 5:1 and slowly work my way back to a 9:1. And I will need this, ’cause I just signed up for a flat half marathon!

And that is third: The Santa Clara half marathon around the new 49er stadium will be in December and guess who will be going? Now, motivation for training is back. You see, I have run 6 half marathons this year already and they were all hilly (and super hilly). I am signed up for 2 more (now 3) and those 2 are also hilly. But here it is, right at my door steps a flat half marathon… Hmmm… As I am typing this I realize that I haven’t seen any course map, so there may be a surprise, but hey, nope. There are no hills around me.

Now, I am going to have to get my running back on!
Can’t wait!!

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