100 Days of Happiness!

Every January when we make all these well-intended New Year’s Resolutions, we add stress to our already busy lives. We tell ourselves we are not fit enough, skinny enough, healthy enough and start programs that most people abandon within the first 5 weeks of the year. 
How do we make it a Happy New Year?
This is my challenge to myself. I noticed how adding more challenges, more races, more exercising goals was stressing me out. Don’t get me wrong I love running, but it was making me sick. I lost focus for a short while on why I was running. I thought about ways to change this and I came up with the plan to intentionally do something good for my body and soul each day. Or sometimes just for my soul or just for my body. 
I came up with my happiness plan:
I promise myself to do something each day that makes me happy. 
Running or walking; mediate or yoga, cycling or reading – anything that makes me happy and nourishes my soul. 
Join me in this challenge this New Year!

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