Desert X 2019: Lover’s Rainbow

Pia Camil’s Lover’s Rainbow is a 2-part art installation spanning two countries, the US and Mexico. One rainbow (the first installed) sits in Baja, Mexico, the other one – as part of Desert X – in the Coachella Valley in California, 190 km apart.

Pia Camil explains on her Instagram page:

“The series documented abandoned houses in different highways of Mexico where rebar is usually left exposed as a sign of unrealized dreams. During a residence @grupolavilla (Guadalupe Valley, Mexico) I did the first rainbow made from rebar as a way to reinsert that hope back into the land.”

I personally liked the strong colors and the contrast of the strong and colorful steel with the soft and faded brownish desert soil.

This post is part of the Friendly Friday Challenge: Contrasts.

Learn more about Desert X here.

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