Friday Five – stuff that’s going on in my running world

This Friday Five thing keeps popping up in my reading lists and even though I researched it extensively (thanks Google) I can’t figure out whether I am supposed to ask questions or tell you what’s going on. Hey, I am making my own rules and have a photo to support it so it is what it is and my Friday Five is my Friday Five.

5. New running apps. I have been running with a Nike GPS for the past 2 years and I am getting tired of it. A new Garmin is in order and having signed up to a gazillion races in 2014 (yeah about that, what is a good time again to sign up for races?), I may be asking Santa for one. In the meantime, have you tried Strava? I have heard some good things and it integrates with Gamin, so I could start using it on my phone app now and then keep using it with a Garmin later. Sounds like a winner to me.

4. Music. I don’t actually run with music. I did until 3 years ago when I joined a running team that discouraged listening to music for run safety reasons. Though at the time I rebelliously disagreed I have come to love running without music as I am paying more attention to what’s going and notice the snakes on the trails a little earlier. Wake me up by Avicii could be the song though to turn me back into a musical runner. Do you run with music?

3. Halloween. No costumes or trick and treating this year. Pumpkin Ale is all I got. That’s considered carb loading, right?

2. Race capris. Yeah. So I am doing a rookie thing which I know I shouldn’t, but I needed a new pair of running capris which I bought yesterday and which will make their debut at the race on Sunday. Spare the comments, I know better than running  race in untested running gear, but the body glide is nearby. Which race no-no did you most recently do?

1. Half Marathon. Did I not just run a half marathon? Another one is coming up this Sunday, the US Half in San Francisco. I am loving the race shirt. It says, “I ran the Golden Gate Bridge”, so now I have to run the race and can’t come up with random excuses as I have never run the Golden Gate Bridge and can’t be wearing the shirt until I do. What’s your favorite race shirt?

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