Before the BIG freeze

Living in California can be a rather boring weather experience for someone who has experienced real winters in Michigan, knows about heat and drought (Texas) and the rain (London).
But imagine my current excitement!
A cold front runs through the Bay Area. Temperatures overnight dip towards freezing and even a tiny little bit below 32F. I am loving it. Yes, I own a winter coat. Equipped with that I am sitting in the front row of a sheer exciting live show: the morning news. My favorite quote from this morning’s news: “3 planes had to be de-iced at San Jose airport.”. No, no. There was no delay nor canceled flights, just this. My day started with a big grin on my face.My colleague said to me: “It’s quite frightening for us Californians. The rain also scares us.” No, I am not making fun of you Californians. I find it rather enchanting. I’ll be the one scared to bits at the tiniest hint of an earthquake which I am sure you all master much better than me.

But I am totally digressing.
I finally took my Brooks Ghost out for a run. In the fall sun. Running through rustling leaves.  Of course this was before the big freeze. When a t-shirt was good enough for running. Now, I am getting a little worried. OK, big confession here. After all the big talk about how I know weather, blah blah blah… I do not like running in the cold, or the rain. I am a fair-weather runner (therefore my move to sunny California makes total sense). The new training season starts on Saturday at 9am. Current forecast for Saturday morning is 30F. I am so going to eat my words.
I am not sure what made me volunteer to be a mentor in the spring season (which really happens in the winter) rather than just sit back, eat a lot and figure out in January, how to work off all the food eaten during the holiday period. Like every other sane person does.
Keeping focused on the positive: I won’t have to wonder in January what happened to the scale.

Alrighty: need to plan ahead and find all kinds of layers to wear on Saturday.I think this headband will come out and play and keep me warm.
What’s your favorite cold-weather running gear?

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