On my way to Mexico

I made it to Gilroy and just passed it. Gilroy smells. Of garlic. It is the Garlic Capital of the World or at least likes to think of itself this way.
Now to be quite fair, I didn’t literally pass Gilroy, only virtually. On my run to Mexico. So, for all I know it may not smell at all…

Now, I only just had a closer look at my next 2 stops and I am getting very excited:

Salinas = the Salad Bowl of the World. Hey, don’t smirk. I am not the one who comes up with these names! But this virtual run motivates me to keep track of challenge #5: Eat Healthy. It’s easy when you run through a salad bowl…

I am at mile 34.3 which is another 24.7 miles away from the salad. I better get running, but first let me show you some stops on my way to Gilroy:

Stop #1: Lake Chabot

Stop #2: Lexington Reservoir

Stop #3: Los Alamitos Creek Trail

Loving my Team in Training coaches who mark the trail with much needed information.

Looking forward to my next stops on route.

What is your favorite route?

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