Team in Training

Friendship. Purpose. Bling. Reasons to run with Team in Training

There are so many reasons to join a running group.
There are even more reasons to join a charity running group.
I have been running with Team in Training now for many years. I have run marathons, half marathons, fundraised and helped other fundraise. Joining Team in Training has been one of the best choices I made for myself.

The friendships I have made through Team in Training have been the best. I joined Team in Training 5 years ago and I have never met a group of such capability to embrace friendship, love, and support. The friends I made through Team in Training are deep and lasting. It doesn’t matter if you move across the country or the ocean, my Team in Training friends remain close.

Have you ever asked a stranger on the street to support your cause? It’s intimidating.
However, giving back to your community is indescribably rewarding.

Sometimes it’s the race down the road. Sometimes a race in Nashville. Sometimes a run in Alaska. Maybe I should consider running all 50 States?

I thought I wasn’t a hoarder or collector. I got that wrong!
Who can resist this?

Yes, actually running. Looking after my own health. Sometimes chasing a PR. Sometimes just running with a friend and enjoying the moment.

What is your reason to join (or not to join) a running group?



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