What does a runner want for Christmas?

The other day I was walking around the shopping plaza way before the crowd got out, saw the empty chair where Santa would later in the day sit and listen to children’s (and dog’s – don’t ask!) wishes for Christmas.

So I wondered what would I ask Santa for? I already have the best running buddies in the world. I have some of the best coaches, and – in California – usually the best running weather (let’s just say we ignore the past 2 weeks, shall we?). Then I thought a little longer and here is my wish list for Santa:

  1. Porta potties every mile
  2. Make planks really easy
  3. A sports bra that doesn’t chafe
  4. Running shoes with springs
  5. A running app that “ignores that I am walking”
  6. Run faster with every race
  7. A running shirt that knows when to keep me warm or cool me down
  8. GU that doesn’t taste like chocolate but actually is chocolate
  9. Make all post-race food zero calories, including the extra large burger and fries
  10.  Never see a snake, bear or mountain lion on my run (unless I have a camera with me)

What’s on your Santa wish list?

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