“Suck it up and run!” 5 reasons to run in the rain!

This is what my friends said: “Suck it up and run!”
It may not come as a surprise that I don’t really like running in the rain. And that is not due to a lack of running in the rain, but rather to an overload of running in the rain in the past. You see, I moved from London to sunny California for a reason… ‘nough said.

Somehow, though, I found myself running in the rain this morning with my Team in Training buddies. And, of course, it was a fun day out. Running in the rain is only horrible for the first 10 minutes. Once you are wet, you may as well run 2 miles or 12 miles. No big difference. Just make sure you have dry clothes and shoes for the way home.

I found that there are plenty of reasons to run in the rain. So why don’t I share them with you?

Reason #1 to run in the rain: Empty trails
Hardly anyone is out on the trail. Well, at least no one other than our running team. The trail is empty, you don’t have to worry about being run over by a fast bike or a dog chasing after you. Or anyone really. And the few people who are out in this weather to go for a walk are happy people. Shout out a friendly “Good morning!” and you’ll get some smiles back.

Reason #2 to run in the rain: Wildlife
Say what?? Coach, you sent us on a trail with rattlesnakes and mountain lions? Really? I guess cats don’t like the wet (and I hope that is true for mountain lions as well) and chances that I go for a swim in the mud beside the trail where a rattlesnake my hide are pretty small. OK. I am good. Maybe even better to run in the rain here?

Reason #3 to run in the rain: The team
This should be really reason number 1, but let’s be real. I love you, guys, but coming out in the rain to run with you? Maybe that’s where I draw the line? NO! Actually running with my Team in Training buddies gets me out of bed early every Saturday morning and YES, gets me out of bed in the rain too. My awesome and inspiring friends, who seek relentlessly for a cure for cancer! BEST team ever!

Reason #4 to run in the rain: Carpool driver
When all else fails, use the carpool as a reason to run. I offered to drive this week’s carpool to the trail. I really can’t let my team down by staying in bed just because it rains. So, good idea to always offer to drive. That way there are no more missed runs due to weather. And I still managed a smile after a rainy run:

Reason #5 to run in the rain: Breakfast
Need I say more? Guilt free calories (even better when you pick a healthy  option) in the company of your favorite running buddies with inspiring conversations and lots of laughter.

Now, tell me. What is inspiring you to go out in the rain, in the snow, in the sleet, at temperatures above 100F and run? You know you want to!

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