How to pick up running after a running sabbatical


This is actually hard. Really hard.

The first few runs after my running sabbatical were easy and fun and I thought it would be easy to just go and work my way back up to real mileage.

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But it’s not easy!

I am having a tough time getting back into a running routine. Most of the time, but specially on weekends, I am very aware of my trade-offs:

  • sleep in or get up early to run
  • meet friends for coffee or run
  • go out on a photo shoot day or meet running buddies

Now that I have rediscovered my other hobbies and my non-running friends, the choices have become tougher to make. But I know, somehow I can figure ithis out.


1. Walking

One of the changes that I made was walking instead of running.

I was surprised to see how fast my endurance declined during the running sabbatical. Years of training and then I take a few months off and all is gone? So I started walking. Now I really enjoy it and it gives me a pretty good work-out too. I am not window-shopping or strolling. I try to get to a reasonably fast walking pace.


2. Challenges

I started 2 challenges. One is with myself. it’s a 10,000 steps-a-day challenge with my Vivofit. It’s actually harder to do every day than I first thought. Most evenings after work I will need to put on my running shoes and add a few thousand steps to get to my goal. I find it a fun way of keeping moving every day. The other challenge I joined is #earthathon. Read more on #earthathon.


3. Run or Walk with the team

I joined my Team in Training team for a run a couple of weeks ago and am planning to do so again this weekend. Well, to be precise I walked, but I walked 5 miles and it kicked my butt. Just having your running buddies around you makes a huge difference and makes it fun again to be out and about.

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So these 3 things help me stay on the walking/running trail and then of course I have the actual trail and this one is beautiful enough to walk daily.





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