I am doing it! I am going to run in the rain! (things you need when running in the rain)

It’s been raining for days now. I was lucky enough to catch the rain breaks during my evening runs this week. But now I am about to leave the house to go and run in the rain, which I haven’t done in over a year. 
I think I am ready. 
Things I need when running in the rain:
  • rain jacket and layers
  • plastic cover for my iPhone
  • waterproof gloves
  • hat or better a baseball cap to keep the rain out of my face
  • my feet may get wet, so  BodyGlide under the socks
  • OLD running shoes – they will get wet
  • dry clothes to change into after the run
  • dry shoes to change into after the run
What am I missing? I am not running in a trash bag. Nope. This is not a race. Just a training run. 
I’ll let you know whether I melt or not. 🙂

For the Europeans and others who prefer Celsius: Don’t say I am not looking out for you. 🙂

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