Close to Big Sur – On my way to Mexico (virtually)

Challenge #2 is to virtually run to Mexico this year. It’s about 510 miles to Tijuana which will be my first virtual stop in Mexico and then we’ll see. Maybe I’ll continue on to a beach. You know me, even with a virtual challenge, I am taking the scenic route. LOL. So, of course you would see me leaving Highway 101 and take the Pacific Coast Highway 1 via Big Sur. So pretty there, I just can’t resist. What’s a few extra (virtual) hills, right?

Up to today I have completed 87 miles this year. And that puts me past Carmel, but not quite yet to Big Sur.  Of course, I took a quick toe-dip in the ocean in Monterey:

Then stopped to get some taffy:

Running along the coast in Monterrey is pretty. I am looking forward to my actual REAL run there in a few weeks with my Team in Training buddies:

And of course running along the 17-mile drive is probably as beautiful as driving along as I did last summer:

A truly happy person can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

~ author unknown

Where does your challenge take you? 

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