3 things I did well in January

I am in no hurry.
No one said I need to finish all my 5 challenges of 2014 in one month, right?
I have been reading up on how to keep people happy and motivated and read that we should write down 3 things we did well each day. OK, I can’t commit to doing that every day, but once a month?
I am up for that! Don’t rush. Take time for myself. That’s what I promised myself to be better at, vegging out on my coach with a good book or magazine, being rather than doing. I did good on that. I also did good on some doing stuff. 🙂

Things I did well #1
Challenge #1 was to run 26 miles in January. I totally blew that one out this month and ran a whopping 81 miles! Not only was this the month with highest mileage run within the last 12 months. No! I also got this beautiful medal reminding me that I completed one of my 2014 resolutions:

Things I did well #2
I vowed to eat healthy again. I have been following Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior, for some time now. And finally I bought her newly published book Make Peace with Your Plate this month. She opened my eyes on pesticides and I have started to go back to the local Farmer’s Market to get organic food.

Things I did well #3
 My very first ice-hockey game ever! Finally, after many years of telling myself I need to see an ice-hockey game, I finally did! It was AWESOME! And I am a fan. I adopted the SJ Sharks (since they live practically around the corner). I loved the speed of the game, the atmosphere and everything about it. Now, I really need to go more often. And, seriously, which team can beat having a shark’s head on the ice rink?

Today, I live in the quiet, joyous expectation of good. ~Ernest Holmen

 What did you do well this past month?

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