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The Madonna Inn in SLO

Just a little post-report from my half marathon in San Luis Obispo. Yes, the weekend was mostly about the race, about spending time with my amazing Team in Training friends, about helping find a cure for cancer. But really can I move on from this weekend without mentioning the hotel we stayed in?
We stayed in the Madonna Inn. It is a glory of pink!

To start off, this cake starred us in the eye every day:

And the worst part of all is: we never got around trying just one piece of this pink heaven (presumably!). Sigh. I guess that just means we need to come back next year.

My room was a Barrel of Fun. No really!!
That was the name of my room. Well, and somehow I can’t really disagree. This is a panoramic view of my room:

The panoramic view is a good representation how the room felt. But if you prefer to see it in smaller chunks, here it is:

The bathroom was made of stone, including the shower actually, which was cute at first but turned out to be very slippery after your legs are tired of having run 19 miles (13.1 of my race and and another 6 to bring my team mates into the finish line). 

So, if you get a chance to go to San Luis Obispo, do check out the hotel. It is special (and no, they didn’t pay me to say this!).

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