Sometimes I like to run alone…

You both know how I love my Team in Training buddies. So, don’t fault me for saying that sometimes I just love to run by myself.

Running alone allows me for some time with my thoughts and reflection. Though I do know that running is not cheaper than therapy (at least not the way I plan my races…).

I have noticed that whenever I am home alone I don’t really get to switch off. There is always a phone switched on, an app that’s beeping, housework that wants to be done, the work computer that screams for an update on latest numbers…

But when I put on my sneakers and leave the house just by myself I can leave all this behind and sometimes that’s all I need to recharge.

It’s just me and the trail,  my thoughts and no judgement.

One of my friends created a virtual race recently to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and I decided that was an opportunity for me to just go and run. Normally I would have asked friends to join me, but this time I decided it was my run for my friend out in Texas. I loved it! I forgot how it felt running by myself. It was a different kind of fun. I’ll do it again soon!

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