5 things to remember when running in the cold

It’s getting nippy out there. I confess. Even my northern climate trained body just wants to curl up under a blanket and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. So as I am preparing for my morning run tomorrow and laying out my running gear (yup – I am that person!), I am taking notes on the 5 things to remember when running in the cold.

Dress likes it is 20-30F warmer than it really is. So, if it it’s 40 degrees tomorrow morning, dress like it’s 60 degrees. Take a warm jacket and pants that you can wear before and after the run, but remember that during the run your body will warm up. 

Perspiration moves more easily through two thin layers than it does through one thick layer. A well-designed layering system keeps you warm and dry, yet still allows freedom of movement.

Dress in moisture-wicking fabrics that draws sweat and perspiration from the skin and passes it on to the next layer. However, one wrong piece (i.e., non-breathable), and the layering system breaks down, which translates to unpleasant running in heavy, damp clothing.

Keep your head and other extremities (i.e., hands) covered when temperatures dip below 40F. You lose more than 50% of your body heat through your head.  

Remember to cover your face.  Consider buying a neck gaiter.Or you can always dab some Vaseline on your face.

A big thank you goes to my many coaches for these tips!

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