Getting ready for Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014 in SF

It is the day before Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014 in San Francisco.
You can’t really miss that there is a race going on in San Francisco this weekend.

This is the fifth time I am running the Nike race in San Francisco. My first Nike Women’s race was the Full Marathon in 2009. Then I learned you get the Tiffany’s necklace when you run the half marathon. Hence, with all subsequent races I took the smarter, “I am only half crazy” option of the half marathon.

This year allowed me to hang out with both of my Team in Training teams again, the Austin (South Central Texas) and the South Bay (Greater Bay Area) Teams. The fifth time comes now with pre-race rituals, such as:

Burgers at Sears Fine Food on Friday

A hearty breakfast on Saturday morning (a new find: Sugar Cafe on Sutter St)

Exploring the Nike Expotique (disappointing as usual) 

Finding my name on the Niketown Union Square Wall of Fame

Decorating my Team in Training jersey (hint: those spray colors didn’t work well)

Hanging out with my favorite Team in Training friends from all over

Walking too much the day before the race

The night before the race ended with the Team in Training Inspiration Dinner with a short appearance of John Bingham. As always, he comforted the first-timers with some of his running stories. I never get tired of hearing him talk – even when I heard the stories many times. He has a great way of putting running in perspective for us mere mortals: 

You probably have heard of the wall. There is no wall. There comes a point when your training runs out. 

The night before the race ended with a South Bay Team in Training photo.
South Bay Team in Training – What a good-looking team!

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