100 Days of Happiness – Day 27

How the time passes by.100daysofhappiness2

The first month of the year is nearly over. And I have been pretty bad about journaling my 100 Days of Happiness. But you both should be happy to know that I have been living my 27 Days of Happiness so far!


I have done plenty of yoga, running, reading, writing, RELAXING, binge-watching Netflix and BREATHING!

My biggest accomplishment in my eyes is asking myself every single day:

“How do you want to spend your day today?”

And it has been a liberating experience. Liberating mostly that I found the time to work on my writing/blogging again. I have read more again (5 books between Christmas and now!). I started reaching out to local professional networking groups as well. I am excited about my progress so far.

Mostly I am amazed how my mood has changed since starting this Vision of Happiness and how powerful it is to ask yourself every single day how to spend your time.

On top of this I had my most fun and enjoyable long run in quite a few months. Taking a break from running made me find the joy in running again.

Here we are on top of the hill (9 miles into our 11-mile run):



How are your 100 Days of Happiness progressing?


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