Explore: 5 Places For R&R in Historic Bastrop, TX along the Colorado River

After long day hiking and exploring Bastrop State Park and Buescher State Park, it’s time for a bit of R&R in Bastrop.

Bastrop, TX is a small historic town with a beautiful historic Main Street, a small artsy and foodie community on the banks of the Colorado River, and a well-maintained historic homes neighborhood. The town has also been the backdrop of many movies over the last 40 or so years with the Oscar-winning movie Boyhood as one of the most recent ones.

Take a walk along the Colorado River

The historic area just next to the Colorado Bridge is perfect for a break after a long day. Small art studios and a handful of cafes and restaurants under the shade of trees.

Colorado River and Colorado Bridge
Colorado River with the historic Colorado Bridge in the background

5 Places to visit for R&R in Historic Bastrop

1. Tough Cookie Bakery

Even for non-vegans this vegan bakery is a gem with delicious treats – and did I mention coffee?

Tough Cookie Bakery

2. Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard

Grab a lunch with a view of the Colorado River and the sound of live music.

Neighbor’s Kitchen and Yard

bastrop neighbor's kitchen and yard

3. Bastrop River Company

What’s better than kayaking, tubing, or paddle-boarding to round off the day?

Bastrop River Company

4. Lost Pines Art Bazaar

If you are looking for some gifts to take home, this is the place to shop.

Lost Pines Art Bazaar

5. Copper Shot Distillery

A small local distillery using local water and their own rainwater collection that’s been purified.

Copper Shot Distillery



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