Hike: Bastrop, TX – Bastrop State Park

In September 2011 a wide-spread wildfire destroyed most of Bastrop State Park. Floods and yet another fire did more damage in 2015. However, Bastrop State Park is coming back to life for hikers and campers alike. Though some areas are still closed to the public (see Bastrop State Park website), a hiking trail system is open and well worth a visit.

The views are partially eerie with burnt trees dominating the landscape, but with the recent rain fall we see a lot of green coming out and new trees and leaves springing to life.

A park comes back to life

With the moody clouds still being around on the day we went hiking, the park did look a little gloomy.

bastrop state park, texas

However, as we continued on, we saw green spring up everywhere around us.

bastrop state park, texas

This fallen tree shows how deep the burn was for this tree.

batrop state park, burnt tree

I thought despite the gloominess, it was a wonderful hike. Amazing how nature overcomes worst atrocities and comes back to life slowly and fully.

Bastrop State Park Hike Details

Hike: Out-and-back & loop trails

Length: Any length you want

Entrance: 100 Park Road 1A, Bastrop, TX 78602

Entrance Fee: $6 per adult

When to go: All year round. In the warmer months, go early morning before it gets too hot.

Don’t forget: Plenty of water, sunscreen, a hat, your camera


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