Super bloom at Lake Elsinore, California

A super bloom is a sudden outbreak of wildflowers that exceeds a regular spring bloom. After the heavy rain and colder weather this winter in Southern California, enough water was locked in the soil for dormant wildflower seeds to sprout and produce colorful wildflowers. Desert wildflowers usually bloom only for a short period of time, usually between mid to end of March.

Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore

Since I have never seen a super bloom I decided to trek down to Lake Elsinore today to see the golden poppies and take some photos. Little did I know what I would get myself into.

I expected it to be busy at Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, so I planned to arrive no later than 8am, which turned out to be already too late. The city of Lake Elsinore, expecting large crowds, wisely operated a shuttle service from a nearby outlet center to avoid chaos at the trail head. However, chaos still ensued.

I jumped on the shuttle and got on the Walker Canyon Trail “with hundreds of my best friends”. I don’t enjoy hiking in a crowded place, but since I expected it, it didn’t faze me too much. What did irritate me though was the large number of people who couldn’t care less, but walk off the trails, trample on the flowers, sit on the flowers, all for one perfect photo. I don’t think they saw the irony in them destroying the flowers that they came out to see and be seen in.

I left the trail pretty fast and sad at seeing this blatant disrespect towards our one and only Mother Nature.

The city of Lake Elsinore had to suspend the shuttles in the afternoon as they couldn’t cope with the sheer amount of people who came to see the poppies.

Please respect our nature

I have to confess though, that the sights were breathtaking! The photos I took don’t do justice to the beauty of the poppy fields.

The colors just popped orange, blue, and green. And the barren mountain range in the background made the colors seem even brighter.

There are plenty of places in Southern California, where you can see wildflowers. Go out and enjoy them. And please stay on the trails, take lots of photos, and leave the flowers as you found them.

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