My Summer Bucket List: Southern California Edition

Though summer is still a little away – I mean not that we notice that here in Southern California, where it’s kind of always summer – we do get out UGG boots out once temps drop below 65F/18C. I am digressing. Where was I? Oh yes, summer.

Julia Elizabeth recently wrote up her summer bucket list and she inspired me to write one for myself. There is so much to explore still for me in Los Angeles and Southern California, so why not make some plans?

It’s really difficult to not come up with ideas on how to spend a summer in Los Angeles and Southern California. But like most of us, I get too busy with work that I forget to make plans. Lets change this for 2018 and plan some fun things to do!

summer bucket list - santa monica pier
Santa Monica Pier

So here it goes, my summer bucket list 2018

  1. Attend a photography workshop in Joshua Tree National Park
  2. Explore more of Los Angeles Secret Stairs
  3. Learn to brew better coffee (and explore new coffee shops)
  4. Chill in Venice Beach
  5. Watch a movie under the stars
  6. Try out a new brunch place
  7. Attend a live concert
  8. Spend time at the beach
  9. Hike to Eaton Canyon waterfall
  10. Join a Los Angeles city walk
  11. Watch the Surfing Championship in Huntington Beach
  12. Visit the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum
  13. Go to the Los Angeles Farmers Market
  14. Buy a book at the Last Bookstore
  15. Visit a local summer festival

What are your plans for the summer? Leave a comment and share!

summer bucket list southern california



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1 comment

  1. How did I not see this post until now?! ❤️ love love love your bucket list!! Farmers markets and summer festivals are two of my favorites ? have a beautiful summer in Southern California!