Captiva Island Sunset

I haven’t been to Florida in 10 years, and the last (and first) time I went to the southwest of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico is closer to 20 years. I guess I was due back a visit. So I jumped on the occasion to speak at a conference in Captiva Island and extended my stay for a couple of days of blissful beach life.

captiva island

Captiva Island is just north of Sanibel Island off Florida’s Gulf Coast. The nearest airport is in Fort Myers. As you drive from the airport to Captiva Island it feels like you’re leaving all worries behind mile after mile. By the time you reach the bridge to Sanibel Island life is good.

On the drive to Captiva Island, you pass marvelous homes and the infamous “Millionaire’s Row”, luxury homes on the gulf and bay side of Captiva Drive.

The island was damaged in several storms and hurricanes over the decades, but looked beautiful and well kept after. I wasn’t able to explore much outside the resort. But it looked like there were plenty of opportunities to walk along beaches, cycling, fishing, kayaking, golfing.

Captiva Island Life

One day I was passing by this “beware of alligator” sign and realized why I don’t live in Florida, even with the number of Davenport Homes for sale I’ve been tempted to invest in. I am not a fan of the rattlesnakes (or bears or mountain lions) in California, but they are not lurking in just any fresh water lake or pool and waiting for an unsuspecting person to jump in… Maybe alligators don’t do that after all, but I am not convinced that I need them anywhere near me.

On the beach I overheard 2 ladies talk.

“I’ve only had an alligator twice in my backyard.”

Hm?!! Who do you call when there is an alligator in your backyard?

Captiva Island Sunsets

During my stay I was rewarded every evening with the most fabulous sunsets.

captiva island sunset

One evening we hopped on a sunset cruise and passed another island with beautiful homes and saw one of the most magic sunsets.

This part of Florida life I could get used to.

The evening ended with the most perfect sunset colors. So despite alligators, humidity, and No-See-Ums, Captiva Island a perfect place to visit (and possibly to live once retired) and relax.

I am sure I’ll be back.

perfect captiva island sunset

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  1. I visited Destin Florida this year 2018 for Mother’s Day vacation and I must say I enjoyed Miramar Beach it was beautiful just as the pictures you’re showing of the ocean here. I left all my worries behind not that I had any because my husband and Children were with me. But the environment was very meditating and I intend to travel and visit the others beaches in Flordia. The people in Destin our very extrovert and I enjoy pleasant convo.