National Wine Day | 5 Fun Facts about Wine

It’s National Wine Day and the Friday leading to a long weekend here in the U.S. I call this a win-win. What better way than to sit on the patio, contemplate all the things I don’t know about wine while sipping a glass of wine.

5 Fun Facts about Wine

#1 Italy, France, and Spain are the top 3 wine producing countries in the world.

#2 Not all wines improve with age. About 90 percent of wine is meant to be drunk in the year it’s released.

#3 Wine doesn’t need a cork. Screwcaps are fine.

#4 Oenophobia is the fear of wine.


Drinking wine is an adventure, which leads me to a trip I took to Napa Valley a few years ago, where I learned some fun real facts about wine. Read more: 8 Things I learned about wine in Napa Valley

If you haven’t been to Napa Valley, find a way to visit just once. And if you don’t like wine, there are so many things to do in Napa Valley that don’t involve wine, like visiting a volcano or seeing a geyser erupt. I digress.

#5 The most important thing you need to know about wine is, do you like it, or not?

Everybody has different likes and dislikes, different tastes. So even a wine with a great rating may not be the one you like. So, don’t let anyone talk you out of drinking the wine you want, whenever you want, at whatever price you want.


National Wine Day is my favorite day to drink wine, followed by every other day.


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