How do we address mental health?

I was reading what I wrote back in October last year about how I needed to step away from the noise and it dawned on me that I actually never truly did step away.

In the 9 months since that post, I moved, changed jobs, and never really slowed down.

With mental health as such a big topic right now, I am back in that same mental space with a need to slow down and step aside.

But how do we truly step away from our lives or the jobs we need to pay the bills? How do we break with our routine? How do we create that change that seems so necessary?

I don’t have the answers. I struggle. The one thing that brings me calm and peace is stepping into nature. But it’s temporary only.

dealing with mental health and burn-out by taking a walk and a pause by ta river
Taking at break at Whitewater River

I’ve set intentions. I made plans. I wrote to do lists. None of these worked for me. The energy just got sucked out of me from the daily grind.

I don’t think it’s just work. I do believe the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the restrictions – I still feel I have – to see family and friends are part of the struggle.

As we see friends, family, world-class athletes, Olympians openly or privately struggle with mental health and burn out, we need to show more patience and understanding for each other. Everyone has their own boundaries and limitations. Let’s support each other rather than tearing each other apart.

In peace.

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