Snow is coming (at least to the mountains)

I had to cancel photo shoot plans in Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend due to rain and wind rolling into the Coachella and Yucca Valleys.

It wasn’t quite as sad as it may sound. We don’t get a lot of rain here in the Coachella Valley. In fact, we had 209 days without measurable precipitation in Palm Springs. So I for one enjoy the few rainy days we get.

clouds over the mountains
clouds over the San Jacinto Mountains

I love seeing the clouds hanging above the San Jacinto Mountains looking as if they want to show off their power. The best part of the clouds are, at this time of the year they often bring snow.

This morning as I opened my curtains and looked outside I was greeted with snow-covered mountains. Snow day!

snow-capped mountains
snow-capped San Jacinto Mountains

And that’s why rainy days are totally worth it in the desert! They bring beautiful snow and sprinkle it over the San Jacinto Mountains (10,834 ft or 3,302 m) and San Gorgonio Mountains (11,503 feet or 3,506 m).

Can’t wait to get up on the tramway and play in the snow this winter. As a comparison, the Tramway Mountain Station is at 8,516 ft or 2,595 m. I always love checking the Long Valley cam to see how much snow there is.

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