A perfect last day of summer in Huntington Beach

I signed up for a 5k race in Huntington Beach last year. Race day finally came. This year.

It’s been a long and busy summer and I just wasn’t in the mood for running a race. Well, you already know the ending of this story: I ran the race, loved it, and signed up for next year’s race already…

And then I got to relax.

And walk on the beach, read a book, take photos, and eat ice-cream. The weather was perfect for a day (or weekend) on the beach. sunny, not too hot, some clouds, not too many.

Early morning the beach was deserted and peaceful. Perfect for a long walk with just my phone camera.

The lifeguards hadn’t started their day yet.

The surfers hung out on the north side of Huntington Beach Pier.

No one fought for a photo spot underneath the pier (yet).

I love the bustling of a summer beach. Children running into the waves, full of laughter. Lovers taking a romantic sunset walk. Early morning runners enjoying the views of the ocean. But I can’t deny that I also truly enjoyed this last day of summer a bit quieter and at a slower pace.

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
~William Shakespeare

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  1. Welcome to All Seasons! You’re an early morning person. That’s going to be interesting, because most of the participants of All Seasons live in another part of the world! I know this beach and pier, because of 3 decades I lived in one of another suburb of L.A. and close to Orange County.Great images from your phone! My favorite is the one of the pillars underneath the pier. A picture of great Californian beach living! Can’t wait till your post next week!

  2. What a beautiful day! Love the photos 🙂 it truly looked like the perfect day for spending the last day of summer!