Desert X 2019: Dive In

Superflex’s Dive In art installation is pretty. Ok, I shouldn’t really start like this. However, the pink color stands out in the desert, specifically in the pre-sunset light.

desert x: Dive In by Superflex

The idea behind Dive In is that the Coachella Valley used to be an ocean millions of years ago and is awaiting its turn to become an ocean again. The art installation plays with the concept of a favorite American past time, the drive-in movie awaiting to become an infrastructure for ocean life (see Superflex’s Instagram profile).

A film projection will be shown Saturday evenings from 6-8pm. Though I missed the movie this past weekend, I saw a glimpse on someone’s Instagram. It looks worthwhile checking out. The film projection will remain on my Desert X to-do list.

This post is my entry to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Pink.

Learn more about Desert X here.

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