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Landscapes: Mono Lake

A photography challenge caught my attention this weekend and I wanted to find my unique perspective to the challenge. Having spent a few minutes earlier this weekend thinking about whether it’s possible to revisit a place or whether every…

blood moon and the lunar eclipse

Enjoying the stillness of the lunar eclipse

I got into a frenzy early afternoon. Which hiking group to join? Which one will find the perfect spot to watch the lunar eclipse? As I was weighing my options, I couldn’t get excited about any of the hikes.…

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On top of the Rock of Gibraltar

On the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian peninsular is a rock, in fact it’s The Rock. The Rock of Gibraltar. It’s a monolithic limestone promontory, which essentially means it’s a single massive rock raised above the surrounding area…


National Wine Day | 5 Fun Facts about Wine

It’s National Wine Day and the Friday leading to a long weekend here in the U.S. I call this a win-win. What better way than to sit on the patio, contemplate all the things I don’t know about wine while…

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Captiva Island Sunset

I haven’t been to Florida in 10 years, and the last (and first) time I went to the southwest of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico is closer to 20 years. I guess I was due back a visit.…