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Join me with this Virtual Race: This Chick Loves To Run (For A Cure)

I said this before: There are many reasons to join a charity running group.
I have been running with Team in Training now for many years. I have run marathons, half marathons, fundraised and helped other fundraise. Joining Team in Training has been one of the best choices I made for myself. 

Therefore I am doing it again. 

This time I am adding a twist: I created my own virtual race!

One of my friends, +Arek Slanda,  is a graphic designer and created this beautiful medal design (’cause we all love bling!): 

The white parts marked by a red x will actually be cut out.

This is the back of the medal:

So come and join me in April to run the inaugural virtual race:
~ This Chick Loves To Run For A Cure~

Run or walk 5K, 10K or a kilomathon (26.2K) in April to earn this beautiful medal. No need to worry about all the Easter chocolate that may come your way in April! You’ll run it off!

100% of ALL profits raised from our virtual events is donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society !

Sounds great! So how does it work?

You can run or walk your miles anywhere you like. You can walk backwards, do cartwheels, stick your tongue out while running, hopscotch. No judgement!

You can run, walk, skip, hopscotch or cartwheel the distance in one day or take a whole month to complete it. You don’t have to set up an alarm or run in the rain. You have perfect conditions for every race! 
I trust that once you sign up you are not cheating yourself and run, walk, skip, cartwheel, hopscotch the distance. No need to log your miles anywhere, but give a shout-out on the No Heels Just Sneakers G+ page to your fellow runner and show off when you are done! 
Have a great run! Take your kids, hubby, wife, best friend out for the race!

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