Jumping on the kale train

Most people trying to live a healthy lifestyle know of kale and the people really serious about a healthy lifestyle really eat it.

I have been trying to get on the kale train. In all different ways:

  • I bought kale (and didn’t eat it),
  • I asked friends whether they eat kale (they said ‘yes’ those overachievers…).
  • I asked a lady at Safeway who just picked up kale how she prepares hers (true story and she gave me a couple of good ideas!).
  • Then I found this book: The I Hate Kale Cookbook



Now to be fair I haven’t read it yet fully, but I leafed through it and it looked interesting, so I bought it. Then I researched some more and found that 1 cup of kale contains:

  • Vitamin A 206%
  • Vitamin C 134%
  • Vitamin K 684%

And a lot more. Some scary scientific looking nutrition tables and graphs are here: SELF Nutrition Data

Now let me go back into my kitchen and explore recipes.

And totally watch out for my upcoming recipes on this blog! 🙂


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