My 5 challenges for 2014

I don’t actually “do” New Year’s resolutions. However, I do like setting goals for myself and though I do that throughout the year, starting with a blank page in January is fun.

So how do I set myself up for success?

Having achievable goal and a few “jump-starters” always works for me. And I do like a stretch goal (and now this sounds like a work project… eek…). You may have guessed that my goals involve running. “Running”, you say, “no, I didn’t think that at all.” Gee!

1st challenge: 26 miles in January
My jump-starter goal is a virtual challenge: run 1 mile for 26 days in January. I am taking the liberty of  running 26 miles in January in any miles per day combination.

2nd challenge: From San Jose to Mexico
I am picking Tijuna as my destination in Mexico (510 miles). This is another virtual run. 

3rd challenge: 1000 miles to Venus
Moonjoggers have organized a group virtual challenge all the way to Venus this year.

4th challenge: run a half marathon PR
My half marathon PR stands at 2:19. I am aiming for 2:14 for 2014. 🙂

5th challenge: eat healthy
2013 saw me slacking on my healthy eating habits. I am working on getting back on the healthy track. I may even visit with a nutritionist. This will be important to follow through to meet my 4th challenge.

Of course there will be plenty of races in 2014. All of them should help me with my 2014 challenges.
My 2013 challenge was to get back into running. You see, in January 2013 I broke my foot which put me out of commission for over 4 months. Considering that I managed to still snatch up some pretty medals:

What are your challenges for 2014?

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